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Our Main Office

Click on the thumbnail image to visit Bob's main office. This is the core of the operation. All your questions are quickly answered and your concerns managed. We know how a "fender bender" might be a stressful situation and we are sensitive to our customer needs.


Paint Mixing
Paint Mixing/ Computer Color Matching

Click on the thumbnail image to visit our paint mixing room. Here we are able to accurately identify the correct color composition and mix the precise colors, in the correct shade or hue to be at exact match your vehicle color.


Main Shop Area

Click on the thumbnail image to visit our shop area. Here we are able to perform all the preparation work on your vehicle, including any required mechanical work, dent removal and surface sanding.


Frame Rack
Frame Rack

Click on the thumbnail image to see our frame rack. With this machine we are able to check and/or straighten any vehicle frame that may have been damaged in an accident or impact. It is a hydraulically controlled system with six towers for performing precise frame corrections. This is an ever-important step in the repair process.


Paint/ Bake Booth
Paint/ Bake Room

Click on the thumbnail image to see our Accudraft Paint/ Bake Facility. This is a large paint booth that can accomodate some large vehicles. The room has a positive airflow downdraft system and integral heating elements for baking finishes on the vehicle surface.


Safety Equipment
Safety Equipment

Safety first and foremost. The shop provides personal respirator equipment and protective clothing and eyewear for all personnel, as well as an Emergency Eyewash station, fire extinguishers and access to the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for all paint compounds and solvents used in the auto body repair process.


Bob's Body Shop
1523 N. Merrill Avenue
P.O. Box 488
Glendive, Montana 59330
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FAX: (406) 365-9705

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